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Developing the Paleoh's Cereal Recipe

R12: The 12th recipe of Paleoh's and the one enjoyed by our customers. 

When we had the idea for Paleoh's we knew the first step was a great product. Before we had a company we had to have a product.

Our initial goal was to recreate Cinnamon Toast Crunch. We looked at the ingredients to plagiarize as much of the recipe as we could. 

Which got us this far: 

  • Cinnamon

Cool, cool, cool, so we started from scratch, looking at Paleo cookie recipes online. Too crunchy, too dense, too soft, we ran into every issue we could. Using paleo ingredients was a challenge because when a recipe came out too dense, there was no Paleo baking manifesto that would show us what would leaven our dough. It was constant trial and error. 

After 11 recipes we thought it could not be done. We did everything we could, but it just did not taste great. They were like bricks in your mouth. We the discovered the secret ingredient: 404 error. 

Paleoh's were born when we put the secret ingredient into R11 and on that day, R12 was born. With a base we could then start looking for new flavors, chocolate was our natural first step. We are experimenting with new flavors everyday so if there is a Paleoh's flavor you want to try let us know.