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Is a Paleo Cereal Really Paleo?

As someone who has been Paleo for the last three years, the answer is easy; no. 

As the co-founder of a Paleo Cereal brand the answer is more complicated.

In truth, I think the question misses the point. The paleo diet definition:

"based upon the premise of consuming only those foods available during the Paleolithic era (also known as the Stone Age). People at this time were hunter-gatherers, meaning that all animals were hunted and plants were gathered from nature."

What? You've never hunted a Paleoh before? Never grown them in your garden? The reality is that the ingredients are all Paleo and the in the process they become questionable. People could make the argument that anything processed (a subjective definition) is not paleo. We mix, bake, and package, is that processed? 

But Paleoh's were not made to help people meet strict definitions. Paleoh's were made for the picky kids that want to eat healthy. They were made for the adult that wants to "cheat" but can get the same feeling from Cinnamon Paleoh's they do from Cinnamon Toast Crunch. They are made for the kids with allergies. At some points, Paleoh's are made for all of us.

Most people who eat Paleo will admit that at some point they break their diet. To some this might mean a double fudge Sunday, to others it is an apple with almond butter. We just hope to help people somewhere along that spectrum. As the founders, we don't eat Paleoh's for breakfast every day (gasp), but knowing that Saturday morning we get our ritual of Chocolate Paleoh's makes eggs and kale taste better the rest of the week. 

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