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Packaging Paleoh's


I first tried a Whole30 with my mom in 2017. I had just graduated college and wanted to leave bad eating at my college cafeteria. I was working full days with the family lawn care business and doing Crossfit in the evenings. I was blown away by the energy I had. 

My experience eliminating grains, sugar, and dairy was life changing. The challenge, was finding a way to make it sustainable. My wife and I like to travel, we're on the go a lot and eating healthy day in and day out was our goal. We found we could put together one great meal, but we needed to find a solution to combat the valleys. 

Paleo "snacks" were becoming bigger and bigger. Offering a consumer packaged option fills a need for the moments when you are unable to cook a healthy meal. Sometimes you need something fast. 

Cereal has always been something I loved, but since college I have not been able to have a bowl. It hit us visiting our younger cousins who were eating fruity pebbles that healthy foods for kids weren't abundant. That was the day Paleoh's was born. 

A healthy cereal that enables kids and adults to eat well was something that made sense to us. For the kids in our lives, we want to provide them a healthy breakfast options that sustains them all day. For our friends, we like to offer Paleoh's as a road trip snack. Paleoh's was a way to scratch the itch of wanting a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch without caving. 

Reach out of if you have questions, we'd love to talk. 


Kris & Vivi